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Ergonomic Material Handling and Assembly Equipment Solutions

Ergonomics is the science that seeks to improve the design and function of tools and other objects used by people. Trades people’s day-to-day activities often include heavy material handling and the use of a variety of tools and machinery. They frequently work in awkward positions and challenging environmental conditions, leading to an increased likelihood of injury. Those who perform highly repetitive tasks like lifting, carrying or bending are also at an increased risk of repetitive stress injuries.

The good news is that these types of stress injuries are preventable through ergonomic material handling and assembly equipment solutions .

An ergonomically designed work environment reduces fatigue and discomfort for workers. This, in turn, limits the risk of an injury occurring. In addition to addressing safety concerns, eliminating ergonomic risks often results in:

  • Improved product and performance quality
  • Increases in productivity
  • Reduction in unintentional damage to the finished product and work area equipment
  • Improved worker morale and lower workforce turnover

There is a variety of ergonomic material handling and assembly equipment designed for the unique needs of window and door manufacturers. Wakefield Equipment offers ergonomic material handling and assembly equipment that is designed to improve worker productivity while reducing the potential for worker injuries. From transporting glass across a shop floor to machines designed to lift and turn heavy materials, Wakefield Equipment has a way to make a glass shop floor safer while getting the job done faster and easier.

Tilt Tables

Using the proper tilt table for the job can often be the difference between a simple, ergonomically correct process, and a much more complex situation with potential for worker injury.  Utilizing the correct tilt table can not only help increase your company’s material output, but will also minimize operator fatigue through repeated unnecessary bending, leading to a healthier workforce. Our tilt tables enable operators to safely transfer glass lites to and from dollies and were designed to protect glass from damage..

Some of our most popular tilt tables include the pneumatic tilt transfer table, which allows windows to be easily moved from horizontal to vertical angles; tilt caster tables, which are available in several different caster and roller combinations; and tilt work tables, which are the ideal solution for positioning large windows. Our screen table screen table was developed as a means to help with the labor intensive nature of making screens and eliminate potential carpal tunnel syndrome.

Assembly Line Solutions
Wakefield offers a Window & Glass Manipulator which allows one worker to move your glass up, down, forward and reverse. It even has an option allowing you to pick materials up or lay them down horizontally. We suggest pairing your Window & Glass Manipulator with one of our custom built assembly racks to assist in vertical movement. Wakefield offers a variety of assembly racks, including:

Call Wakefield to assess your ergonomic material handling needs and get expert advice and recommended products to maximize both your employee’s safety and productivity.

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