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Double Miter Saw: Maximize Your Profits

A double miter saw creates angled cuts on either the left or the right side of a material, allowing for cuts in both directions without the need to rearrange the material. For comparison, a single-bevel saw cuts in only one direction, requiring your operator to flip the material over to cut in the other direction.  A double miter saw is also at times called a chop box.

When dealing with the heavy materials used in window and door manufacturing, your operators will save both time and money by reducing the time spent maneuvering materials. Your shop will also benefit from the highly-accurate, angled cuts that double miter saws create with reduced scrap and ultimately reduced costs.

Wakefield Equipment offers several types of double miter saws from Atech and CTD.  Based on your fenestration application, we will recommend the proper make and model for you. Some of our product features include:

Semi-Automatic Double Head Miter Saw 16″ (400 mm) with Digital Read-Out

  • Semi-automatic miter saw with two circular saws designed for flat or angled cutting of vinyl, aluminum, and wood frames.
  • The forward movement of the saw is hydro-pneumatic, and its speed can be adjusted accurately for the frame material.
  • The clamps are pneumatic with safety features.
  • The left cutting unit is fixed in its position, and the right cutting unit is moved manually to its position.
  • The right cutting unit has a pneumatic braking system, and when the braking key is “OPEN”, the machine will not work for safety reasons.
  • The distance between the cutting heads can be adjusted accurately by a digital reading system.
  • The cutting in 0, 15, 22.5, 30 and 45-degree angles is achieved by a switchblade, and in other angles an accurate free cutting is possible.
  • Machine has been designed according to CE, UL and CSA Safety Directives

Double Miter Saw

  • Blade sizes from 12 to 20 inches
  • Compound cut models available
  • Various lengths starting at 8 feet
  • Horsepower from 2 to 7 1/2

Wakefield also recommends the addition of a lineal positioner, like TigerStop, to your double miter saw. This enables you to even further maximize your profits!

About Wakefield Equipment

Wakefield Equipment serves the fenestration industry by providing window and door manufacturing equipment to help our fenestration industry partners save time, save money, and produce consistent products.

A qualified representative from Wakefield Equipment is ready to answer any questions you have on our available double miter saws or any of our other labor saving products. You can reach us by phone at (440) 899-5658.

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