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Glass Handling and Door Assembly Equipment

Fenestration is the arrangement of windows and doors in a building, with commercial fenestration referring to businesses and residential fenestration referring to single family homes. Fenestration products typically include windows, doors, wall panels, storefronts, curtain walls, and skylights. As the primary barrier to keep the weather elements outside, high performance windows, doors, and skylights are essential to a building’s energy efficiency.

Choosing fenestration products involves several considerations, including appearance, energy performance, technical performance, and cost. Technological improvements in fenestration products have revolutionized their performance and now lead to:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Less condensation
  • Less fading
  • Lower maintenance expenses

Wakefield’s fenestration customers have taught us that keeping up with industry trends in creating energy efficient window and doors is a priority. Wakefield Equipment offers a variety of glass handling and door manufacturing equipment to help make your fenestration business more profitable while improving your fenestration products’ energy efficiency.

Glass Spacers

Glass spacers are the seals that sit between panes of glass in a window. Choosing the right type of spacer for your fenestration product is an important variable in its overall energy efficiency. Wakefield Equipment offers a variety of options, including flexible spacer application tables. All of the products available through Wakefield Equipment offer a decrease in condensation, better U-values, warmer edge of glass temperatures, and excellent argon gas retention.

Gas Filling Equipment

Wakefield Equipment carries a large selection of gas filling equipment so our fenestration customers have the ability to manufacture the types of high-efficient fenestration products being demanded by builders and retailers.

An Argon Filling Station is one type of gas filling equipment. The station works with a filler/sensor system to ensure that sealed units are completely filled with Argon. A Krypton Filling Station works in the same manner as an argon filling station, but uses krypton gas. Both argon and krypton are excellent at reducing heat transfer.

Wakefield Equipment is able to support the diverse fenestration needs of the glass, glazing, and architectural glass markets.  Wakefield Equipment has the glass handling equipment that glass shops need in order to increase their performance, efficiency, and ultimately improve their bottom line. We stay up to date on the current regulatory requirements as well, and are able to help your organization continue to thrive in the fenestration products industry.


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