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Flat Glass Forecasted Growth

According to a research report by the Freedonia Group*, demand for high performance flat glass products in the US is forecast to rise 8.2 percent per year to $9.2 billion in 2017. The gain is the result of a major rebound in building construction and continued improvement in motor vehicle production. They also anticipate an increased need for high performance products in the general flat glass market.

Demand for solar control glass is forecast to rise 12 percent per year to nearly $2.5 billion in 2017. The need for solar control glass products is primarily from the architectural market and the recent increase in building construction.
At Wakefield Equipment, we offer a variety of products designed to help flat glass manufacturers increase their productivity, reduce waste and create a streamlined manufacturing process.

Wakefield does this by providing a range of affordable glass handling machinery and equipment options, including:

Glass Handling Equipment
Glass Lifting Equipment
Saws and Glass Cutting Tools
Window Screen Assembly tables, Cutting Tables and Window Assembly Tables
Racks, Dollies and Carts
Glass Storage Equipment
Extrusion Storage Equipment

Contact Wakefield Equipment to learn more about any of Wakefield’s glass and window equipment or to get a custom quote for your unique needs.


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