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Equipment for Forming and Cutting Metal and PVC

Metal and PVC are two of the more difficult materials to effectively form and cut.  In order to accurately manipulate these materials to exact specifications, specialty equipment is usually necessary for forming and cutting.  There are many different metal and PVC cutting machines and parts that allow for this type of control, but there are several types that are considered the most popular and efficient.

End Milling Equipment: End milling machines are used to achieve a specific type of metal cut, including profile milling, tracer milling, face milling, and plunging.  End milling machines utilize pieces called end mills, which are used in a number of ways — cutting blind holes or grooves, making holes in blocks of material, as well as cutting flat or beveled edges.

End mills are made of carbide steel, and are often coated with a layer of titanium nitrate, which prevents sticking.  End mills are available in both single- and double-ended options.  They are considered extremely useful, in that unlike a drill bit, end mills can cut in all directions.

Copy Routers: A copy router is used to create metal and PVC profiles, and is especially useful in the window manufacturing industry.  Some copy routers, such as the Libra-02 M/P, have been specifically designed with the window manufacturer in mind.  The Libra-02 M/P easily opens key holes, slots, and other window and door accessory shapes in a range of sizes.

Punch Presses: A punch press changes the shape of metal by applying force (a “punch”) to the material to be formed.  Punch presses are rated in terms of the tonnage (force) applied by the machine.  There are many kinds of punch presses, ranging from small, manually operated models, to large, computer-operated machines.  A punch press utilizes a custom die set, consisting of male and female punches, to shape the metal to a specific form.

Wakefield also offers specialty machines like Hydraulic Aluminum Corner Crimping Machines, Punch Press, and Drill and Staple Stations. Visit our video gallery for informational videos to learn more about Hydraulic Aluminum Corner Crimping Machines or Punch Press.

Contact us for further information on all of our forming and cutting equipment.

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