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Gas Filling Equipment for Improved Window Efficiency

Poorly insulated windows are a huge energy drain.  In general, gas filling equipment, when used with argon or krypton gas, is extremely effective at insulating windows when pumped between glazing panes.  Gas filling equipment for windows, such as those machines available from Wakefield Equipment, works by filling the space between planes with either argon or krypton, which reduces the window’s U-factor rating.  U-factor measures the rate of non-solar heat loss, in reference to a specific window design, and is a major component in calculating a window’s Energy Star rating.  In other words, it measures how well a given product is at preventing heat from escaping.  (This isn’t to be confused with R-value, which is the inverse of U-factorR-values measure the window’s actual insulating value.)  The lower the U-factor, the more efficient that window is, and therefore, the more eco-friendly it is as well.

An argon gas filling station is one type of gas filling equipment that can be used to insulate windows.  Argon is an inert, nontoxic gas that does an amazing job at reducing heat transfer.  An argon filling station is an excellent choice for the insulation of high-quality, energy-efficient windows.

The use of a krypton gas filling station is another common method of window insulation.   A krypton filling station works in the same manner as an argon filling station, reducing heat transfer in windows by insulating them with krypton gas.  It, too, is inert, as well as being nontoxic.

With such an emphasis currently being placed on green and eco-friendly building technologies, Wakefield Equipment has made it a priority to carry the best and highest-quality selection of gas filling equipment for windows available so that our customers have the ability to manufacturer the types of highly-efficient windows now being demanded by many builders and retailers.  By utilizing our gas filling equipment, a huge improvement can be made to the thermal performance of windows, which enables our customers to create a product that gives an incredible energy savings to those individuals who ultimately purchase their window products.

Read more about Wakefield’s CompuGas Filling Machines for use as Argon or Krypton. Wakefiled also offers gas filling dollies.

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