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Glass Types: Cheat Sheet

With so many different types of glass available and each with their own set of features and benefits, we put together this quick cheat sheet as a reference guide to the most common types of glass.

Type of Glass Common Products Benefit Cost
Float Glass/Annealed Glass Small windows, kitchen backsplash, display case, glass ornament Variety of sizes and thicknesses; can be cut to exact measurements Low
Toughened Glass Shower doors, glass partitions, greenhouse glass Withstands high temperatures; resistant to breakages Medium
Laminated Glass Automotive, showers, store fronts, shelving Strong, durable, energy efficient and provides sound insulation High
Low E Glass External glazing on doors and windows Coated to provide superior thermal insulation High
Heath Strengthened Glass Structural glass, windows, skylights Twice as strong as annealed, but half as strong as tempered glass; breaks into large shards Medium

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