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Industrial Rack, Shelving and Storage Safety

As the fenestration industry looks to maximize every inch of warehouse space, more and more companies are implementing industrial rack and shelving systems. It’s important not to overlook the importance of installing them correctly to begin with and also to keep industrial storage safety in mind. The stakes are incredibly high. When your storage racking is unstable or structurally unsound, getting bumped by a forklift can trigger a warehouse disaster (watch this pallet rack collapse video at a warehouse in Russia).

Don’t Exceed Storage Capacity

While this seems like common sense, it bears repeating. Overloading a rack or shelf beyond its capacity can negatively impact the structural integrity with disastrous consequences. OSHA recommends that all storage racks display a label with clear and detailed information about load capacity.

Conduct Safety Inspections

Get into the habit of regularly inspecting your warehouse storage rack system. It can be as simple as standing at the end of each aisle and looking for any evidence of leaning, sagging or signs of strain on your storage systems. Also, look for any signs of damage like dents, missing bolts or loose footings.

Choose Industrial Racks, Shelving and Storage Carefully

Safety is the top priority when designing a warehouse and choosing storage. Well-utilized storage equipment is conducive to creating a safer work environment and reducing workplace injuries.

Understanding the weight, size, and shape of the products being stored is the first step. From glass lites to sheet metal and extrusions, there are custom solutions for every size! Different products are also used more frequently than others, so understanding how accessible they need to be and how they will be moved can help narrow down choices.  Lastly, evaluating the type of lift equipment being used can help ensure proper design of the space.

Get Help from Storage Experts

The best way to determine what type of racking solution will work best for you is to work with an experienced warehouse storage expert. Wakefield Equipment specializes in warehouse safety and storage rack solutions and can guide you through the full range of options. Our experts will work with you to understand your workflow, products being stored, and any existing storage in place. We offer a variety of solutions from extrusion drawer storage systems and glass drawer storage systems to systems for storing sheet metal. Wakefield Equipment also has a variety of custom extrusion storage solutions, including stationary extrusion racks, and mobile extrusion racks, extrusion dollies, extrusion drawer storage, and industrial glass storage racks.

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