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Lost and Found: Stop Wasting Time at Work

Did you ever stop to think about how much time your employees are wasting looking for “stuff,” either digital stuff or physical stuff?  Perhaps it’s a misplaced job form, a phone number for a client, or a tool that seems to always be in the wrong place.

According to a Construction Pros study, employees are spending approximately 90 minutes per day just looking for things. To truly understand the financial impact, for a company of 50 employees, that equates to 18,000 LOST man hours per year.  What were the total man hours on your last large project? Did it come close to the amount of lost time last year?

All that time employees spend looking for things really adds up when you calculate the financial impacts yet we tend to put investing into organizing the shop floor at the bottom of the priority list. If your average hourly rate is $50, can your bottom line really afford to ignore $900,000 of wasted employee time? Do I have your attention now?

Luckily, there are simple and effective systems that can be installed to help keep your glass manufacturing floor tidy.

One easy solution is to invest in glass storage systems, like glass drawers, dollies and racks. Ensuring that there is a place for everything can dramatically decrease wasted time looking for things. Don’t underestimate the cost savings of having a safe work space too! Injuries are just as costly as time wasted looking for things.

Wakefield Equipment, a long-time leader in providing fenestration equipment, has a variety of custom extrusion storage solutions, including stationary extrusion racks, and mobile extrusion racksextrusion dolliesextrusion drawer storage, and industrial glass storage racks. We offer:

  • Solutions to consolidate your existing storage space and find new storage space
  • Custom-designed products built to the exact needs and specifications of your operation and to suit your budget
  • A line of products that will accommodate storage and retrieval needs for items of all shapes and sizes, from your heaviest window extrusions to random cut extrusions to any type of lineal

Extrusion Storage Options

  • Extrusion Racks: Typically used for sorting and storing raw materials with ability to be mobile or stationery
  • Extrusion Dollies: Perfect for light duty storage of aluminum and PVC
  • Extrusion Drawer Storage: Easy access to any type lineal

Glass Storage Options

  • Glass Drawer Storage System: Standard 10-drawer models or custom build your own to any size
  • Glass Storage Racks: Ideal for storing and protecting large quantities of glass
  • Glass Dollies: Custom built to suit your glass needs.

Call Wakefield today and let our experts help organize your space and get back those lost hours!

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