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Phenolic Caster Wheels: The Best Choice?

Phenolic Caster Wheels are one of the most frequently used types of wheels for glass and material handling equipment. Is it the best option for your application?  There are few factors you should take into consideration when deciding what type of wheels are appropriate for your industrial application.

1. Heavy Duty Hauling

Phenolic resin wheels are made by mixing phenolic resin and macerated denim and then applying high pressure and temperature to mold them. This process makes them ideal if you’re moving heavy loads because the wheels can withstand the pressure without any type of compression on the wheel.

In addition to being a good choice for mobile loads, phenolic casters’ tough body makes it good enough to hold up heavy stationary loads. You’ll want to make sure to check the capacity rating of the wheels to ensure they will work for your specific load requirements.

For active rolling operation, be sure to use phenolic caster wheels on flat, solid, and clean surfaces. If your plant floor has a lot of bumpy or uneven surfaces, phenolic wheels might not be the best choice. You can expect that the phenolic tread will eventually have scratches, cuts and/or other imperfections from the uneven floor surface.

2. Resistant to Oil, Acids, Gasoline and Extreme Temperatures

Phenolic resin wheels are made up of chemical-resisting properties – allowing oil, grease, gasoline and some liquids to be repelled from the phenolic wheel. They aren’t recommended for “wet” applications where they will be consistently in standing water.

The recommended temperature range is -40° to +250° F, with intermittent use up to 300° F.

3. Quiet Operation

The phenolic caster wheel provides quieter operation than steel or aluminum. Debris can build up on the wheel, however, and cause some noise. If noise is a factor, there are other “quieter” wheels, but you lose some of the durability that makes the phenolic caster such a good choice.

Let the Experts Help

Phenolic caster wheels are a budget-friendly option with a high load-capacity. The majority of our customers have been happy with using phenolic caster wheels, but it’s important to consider the factors above when deciding on the best choice. The experts at Wakefield Equipment are well versed in the ins and outs of choosing different wheels for your industrial racks, dollies and other material handling equipment. We recommend always consulting an expert industrial equipment supplier to help guide you further in evaluating your plant needs. 

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