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Boosting Productivity on the Manufacturing Floor

Boosting Productivity on the Manufacturing Floor

Whether your glass shop is big or small, boosting productivity is essential to increasing profits and maintaining your competitiveness. Productivity on the manufacturing floor depends on a combination of both efficient employees and the right manufacturing equipment, yet an employee can only be as productive as their tools. Investing in advanced, time-saving equipment can be just the thing to set your business apart.

In our experience, there are a few trouble spots where the right tool makes the biggest impact:

Stay organized: We are always amazed at the amount of operator hours lost due to a lack of organization. One easy solution is to invest in glass storage systems, like glass drawers, dollies and racks. Ensuring that there is a place for everything can dramatically decrease wasted time looking for things.

Improve Operator Safety: When one of your operators is injured on the job, the cost can be enormous. From transporting glass across a shop floor to machines designed to lift and turn heavy materials, there are tools to make a glass shop floor safer while getting the job done faster and easier. For example, utilizing the correct tilt table can not only help increase your company’s material output, but will also minimize operator fatigue through repeated unnecessary bending. All of that leads to a more productive manufacturing floor.

Reduce Waste: There’s nothing more frustrating as a glass shop owner than to see piles of wasted materials due to improper cuts or breakage during transport through the shop. There are several economical solutions, such as utilizing automated cutting equipment, using  different types of dollies and investing in stretch wrapping equipment.

Wakefield Equipment specializes in providing labor-saving equipment for glass manufacturing companies. Each product in our catalog was carefully chosen to ensure it meets our high standards for performance while being cost efficient. Our products are also designed to be low in maintenance costs.

Wakefield Equipment has partnered with the leading glass equipment manufacturers and glass tooling suppliers for glass handling machines, glass storage solutions, solar glass, glass cutting, glass lifting and glass assembly equipment. The products we recommend are the most cost-effective, labor-saving and innovative glass equipment available. Contact us to learn more about what time-saving products are right for your glass business.


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