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Protect Your Aluminum Extrusions and Reduce Your Bottom Line

With aluminum extrusions costs unlikely to decrease anytime soon, what can you do to save money when it comes to manufacturing aluminum extrusions? Most manufacturers look at the somewhat obvious areas first, altering the design, reducing waste, selling scrap and automating their cutting machines. There’s an often overlooked component of the manufacturing process that when done well, is mostly forgotten about and when done poorly can cost you time, money and ultimately customers. Of course, we are talking about the cost of damaged extrusions, whether the damage occurs on the assembly floor or while en route to its destination.

When a customer places an order with your company, they are placing their faith that you will provide the products on time and as ordered. When products arrive damaged, your customer’s faith in you is altered. You’re frustrated at the loss of time, material and profit and even more concerned about what to do the next to prevent it from happening again.

Wakefield Equipment’s experts have helped customers reduce costly aluminum extrusions damage by implementing a variety of different solutions:

Extrusion Racks– Wakefield Equipment will work with you to understand your extrusion production line and see what type of extrusion racks will help the most. Wakefield’s collapsible, stackable racks can help improve load/unload time and prevent damage while en route. Other types of racks, like our mobile extrusion racks, are designed to move extrusions throughout the assembly floor and eliminate those costly material strap dents that go unnoticed until it is too late.

Stretch wrapping machines wrap extrusion bundles in plastic from end to end to give complete protection to finished product. The plastic wrap that surrounds the bundles conforms to the bundles more tightly, creating a protective sheathe, reducing damage from friction in transit. Compared to hand wrapping, an automated stretch wrapping machine provides considerable more protection to your extrusions.

Wakefield Equipment is proud to offer the highest level of customer service to all of our customers. All of our products are fully customizable to your exact needs. Please call us for more information or to get a quote specific to your business goals.

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