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Replacement Parts for Racks, Dollies and Carts

Buying used or refurbished glass handling equipment can save you money, increase your buying power and, as a result, further increase your efficiency, safety and productivity. There are some draw backs and some precautions to take when purchasing used glass handling equipment. We always suggest that you make sure that manufacturers are still in business, ensure that any warranties are transferable and check to make sure that newer technology wouldn’t serve your needs better.

Sometimes that advice just isn’t applicable. Maybe you inherited a warehouse full of old racks in need of repair and no replacement parts exist. Maybe you have a thrifty manager who only likes to buy used equipment regardless of how long it might last, or if it can be repaired. What choices do you have?

Wakefield Equipment’s online store is always stocked with replacement parts for all of the glass and material handling equipment that we manufacture. What some people might not know is that we are often able to retrofit replacement pieces to fit older equipment.

“We’ve had customers order replacement parts that no one else could help them with.  Sometimes they’ll purchase racks and dollies at an auction or the ones that they have are very old and the original manufacturer is no longer in business. There are probably very few companies that would retrofit a harp rack replacement base, for example, besides us,” said Owen Cleary, general manager of Wakefield Equipment.

Wakefield Equipment specializes in the fenestration industry and Wakefield’s experts have searched for the most innovative and reliable equipment for fabricating, handling and processing glass. Our customer service is what sets us apart.

Contact us to see if we can help with your glass handling equipment replacement parts needs!

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