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Cost Effective Solutions for Window Screen Production

Producing quality window screens is one of the most labor intensive operations in the glass industry and a limited amount of screening tools are available. Very few employees are able to produce a quality window screen consistently due to operator fatigue and the overall skill needed. Screeners are also at an increased risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome due to repetitive stress, which can increase a glass shop’s workers compensation claims. For those glass shops who do find an experienced screener, they often become one of the highest paid employees, while also being one of the most difficult to retain.

Wakefield Equipment’s screen tables offer a cost effective solution to these challenges. The right window screen table can:

  • Assist in producing a consistent level of quality
  • Eliminate bowing and hour glassing
  • Allow workers at lower skill levels the ability to produce quality screens
  • Simplify and increase the productivity of your operation

For employees, a new window screen table can mean a reduced risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome and reduce the overall operator fatigue. That translates into more productivity and fewer workers compensation claims for your glass shop.

Wakefield Equipment’s screen table has a self locking squaring disc to keep the window screen rail in place. Other features include easy access to the film and spline, a suspended articulating arm, and a pneumatic trigger on the insertion wheel.

Our screen table is another example of how we can help you increase employee productivity, reduce overall costs, and make a better window screen. Contact Wakefield Equipment to learn more about how we can customize a screen table to suit your production needs.

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