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Solar Glass Growth

According to the report “Clean Energy Trends” by Clean Edge, the global solar PV-or photovoltaics- market grew 15 percent in value in 2013. Newly installed solar PV generating capacity exceeded that of wind power for the first time since the market research company began tracking global markets in 2000. Newly installed solar PV generating capacity totaled 36.5 gigawatts (GW) while that for wind totaled 35.5 GW, according to Clean Edge’s count.

Wikipedia reported that in “October 2014, IHS[9] and NPD Solarbuzz[10] confirmed expectations of global PV deployment to reach between 45–50 GW for year 2014, or about 20 percent above last year’s previous record. For 2018, worldwide PV capacity is projected to double or even triple from current levels. By 2050, solar power is expected to become the world’s largest source of electricity, with solar photovoltaics and solar thermal contributing 16 and 11 percent, respectively.”

What is driving the growth of solar PV?

The costs of power from wind and solar are already below those of conventional electricity generation in some parts of the world. Rhone Resch, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association stated “Solar’s continued impressive growth is due, in large part, to smart and effective public policies, such as the solar Investment Tax Credit, net energy metering and renewable portfolio standards. By any measure, these policies are paying huge dividends for America. Every three minutes of every single day, the U.S. solar industry is flipping the switch on another completed solar project, benefiting both our economy and the environment.”

As the demand increases for solar glass, Wakefield Equipment will be there to help solar glass manufacturers keep up by providing a variety of solar glass handling products, including solar racks, solar glass dollies, solar glass workstations and custom solar glass solutions.

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