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Specialty Manufacturing Equipment For Solar Power Windows

Specialty Manufacturing Equipment for Solar Power Windows

With the growing trend of alternative energy sources, Wakefield Equipment has been able to modify our glass handling equipment to assist solar panel fabricators in making their operation more efficient.There is a great variety of solar power handling equipment available to assist manufacturers with every need, from production to shipment.  Wakefield Equipment strives to provide simple, cost-effective glass handling solutions for our fenestration customers so they may continue to innovate in this fast-growing field.

We carry a number of different types of solar power handling equipment to assist in moving product, both within a warehouse setting, as well as to an item’s final destination.  These products include transport racks, as well as shop dollies.  Transport racks are often used to move single lites, and are available in a range of slot widths and sizes.  For more delicate jobs, a complementary product is the panel transport cart, which is constructed especially with the fragile nature of solar panels in mind.  Shop dollies are yet another way to transport product.  These versatile dollies are made to move cut glass and glass panels in a wide range of sizes, with weight capacities up to 5000 pounds.

Manufacturing solar power equipment is a delicate task, requiring specialized tables for effective glass handling and cutting.  One of the better products for this type of work is the caster table panel workstation.  This table offers pneumatic tilt and a center suction cup to keep panels in place as they are being worked on.  Another excellent piece of equipment is the air-float panel workstation.  Featuring a non-marking Formica top with air float, a large, electronically-rotated suction cup, and pneumatic retractable squaring sides, this is a great choice for keeping panels steady and stable during the manufacturing process.

Finally, Wakefield Equipment offers many custom solar power equipment products, such as glass washers, freestanding conveyors, pressing stations, and panel manipulators.  We are always happy to help tailor a solution to your company’s specific needs.

Read more about the solar glass industry growth or contact Wakefield Equipment to learn more!

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