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Tilt Transfer Tables

Creating Economies in Fenestration

In today’s manufacturing climate, we know that finding ways to create efficiencies during the manufacturing process is extremely important to our clients.  When analyzed carefully, there are actually multiple ways to cut costs and save time that will ultimately result in a stronger bottom line.  An excellent way to ensure you are receiving the greatest return on your dollar is investing in the right equipment for the job.

One of the best ways to save time and money while streamlining the fenestration process is by purchasing the proper type of window assembly equipment.  This can often include different types of work tables which often have multiple uses and can function in many capacities, allowing you to utilize a single piece of equipment to accomplish a range of diverse tasks.  This saves you from having to spend working capital on a large number of specialized machines.

One of the most popular types of work tables are tilt tables, in particular Wakefield Equipment’s pneumatic tilt transfer table.  This tilt table is available with important features such as the ability to move product from a vertical to a horizontal position, and the option to retract or leave fixed the bottom ledge.

Another type of work table, tilt work tables, are also an excellent choice, especially when ease of handling large or oversized pieces of glass is important.  Tilt work tables allow the angle of the table to be adjusted, either via counter-tilt or pneumatic pressure.  The ability to manipulate the angle of tilt work tables simplifies the assembly or creation of specialized pieces of glass, making the process considerably faster than it would be with its stationary counterpart.

Purchasing quality assembly tables or assembly racks can mean the difference between a quick and easy job, or one that is difficult and potentially uncomfortable or even painful for your employees to accomplish due to improper ergonomics.  Available in many different configurations (double sided, pneumatic, and casement, just to name a few), assembly tables and racks are often the cornerstone of an efficient fenestration operation.

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