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Wakefield Glass Equipment

Wakefield Equipment offers innovative, labor saving fenestration products and fenestration equipment for the fenestration industry.

Based in Cleveland, OH, Wakefield has been in business since 1995 and has a unique understanding of the fenestration industry. Wakefield has worked with glass fabricators, as well as window &  door manufacturers of all sizes and is proud of the long-term relationships that they continue to forge within the fenestration industry. Visit our website at to see a list of customers.

Wakefield Equipment’s ultimate goal is to increase your facility’s productivity and profits by saving time, improving labor costs, and reducing breakage. Wakefield does this by providing a range of affordable glass handling machinery and equipment options, including:

Glass Handling Equipment
Glass Lifting Equipment
Saws and Glass Cutting Tools
Window Screen Assembly tables, Cutting Tables and Window Assembly Tables
Gas Filling Equipment
Racks, Dollies and Carts
Glass Storage Equipment
Extrusion Storage Equipment

Wakefield Equipment is also a certified dealer of TigerStop machines, replacement parts and accessories. Visit our Video Gallery at to see some of our fenestration products and fenestration equipment in action or download the Wakefield product catalog.

Wakefield believes that no single equipment manufacturer can be the best at all products, which is why Wakefield uses a careful selection process to evaluate which fenestration products are included in their product offerings. All glass and window products is qualified based on price, performance and use of new technology.

Contact Wakefield Equipment to learn more about any of Wakefield’s glass and window equipment or to get a custom quote for your unique needs.

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