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Window and Glass Cutting Tools, Machines and Equipment

The window and glass industry uses a number of different window and glass cutting tools for manufacturing, including saws and stops.  These glass cutting tools have a number of uses and applications.

Chop Saws: A chop saw is a type of circular saw commonly used to get very straight, square cuts, making it a great option for extremely accurate window and glass cutting.  Chop saws are considered fairly easy to operate, but it’s important to use the proper size and RPM-rated blades and maintain their sharpness in order to preserve the safety and integrity of the saw.

Double Mitre Saws: A double mitre saw (sometimes spelled double miter) is another type of circular power saw, but with the blade and motor mounted on a hinged arm.  This is the ideal type of saw for creating highly-accurate angle cuts – another must for window and glass cutting.  A double mitre saw is also at times called a chop box.

Both chop saws and double mitre saws, along with many other types of window and glass cutting equipment, are manufactured by CTD Machines.  CTD saws are considered a benchmark of quality in the window and glass cutting industry.  Wakefield Equipment carries a wide variety of CTD saws for all of your window and glass cutting needs.  Besides chop saws and double mitre saws, Wakefield Equipment carries CTD “v” notch saws in several models, including the D45AX saw, the N80 saw, and the N90 saw.

In addition to CTD saws, Wakefield Equipment also carries lineal positioners from TigerStop.  TigerStop is the industry leader in lineal positioners, and is considered truly “best in class.”  TigerStop offers an affordable solution for manufacturers looking for the ultimate in positioning precision.

For more information on our wide range of window and glass cutting equipment, contact Wakefield Equipment today! Visit our video gallery for informational videos on some of the different saws available and uses for TigerStop on your glass manufacturing assembly line.

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