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Minimize Glass Breakage with Glass Handling and Lifting Equipment

Glass handling is a major component of window and glass manufacturing.  Glass handling requires specialized equipment to ensure a minimum of breakage and other damage that can seriously affect a manufacturer’s bottom line.  Wakefield Equipment strives to provide the best selection and quality of glass handling equipment for the window and glass manufacturing industry, at the best prices.  We carry a variety of different glass handling products to meet our customers’ glass handling needs.

Glass dollies are one of our most popular items, and come in many different styles, making them appropriate for most any glass handling situation.  These include floor dollies, dollies with center dividers, and low-e shipping racks, as well as twin level, harp-type, and short finger dollies.

The CartCaddy is another best-selling product.  Moving racks and glass dollies from place to place can be a time-consuming task, usually requiring at least two people.  The CartCaddy is a cost-effective way to simplify this process by automating it, and requires only a single person to operate.

Glass lifting equipment is an essential part of the glass manufacturing process. Wakefield Equipment offers several types of pneumatic lift tables that make the process of moving and turning your glass products simple.

Application tables are the backbone of window and glass manufacturing.  They must be sturdy and easy to maneuver.  Application tables come in many sizes and are available with a number of different features, from a basic manual cutting table, to a pneumatic tilt transfer table.  Some of the more specialized application tables include caster tables and grid application tables, both of which are available from Wakefield Equipment.

Finally, in order to ensure we are offering our clients glass handling equipment solutions that cover the process of window and glass manufacturing from start to finish, we stock a wide selection of glass shipping and storage equipment.  Whether there is a need to carefully warehouse finished products over the long term without damage, or to ship finished product to customers safely and efficiently, Wakefield Equipment offers a variety of different options to make this final step of the production process as simple as possible.

Visit our video gallery for informational videos on the variety of dollies, racks, tables, and other glass handling tools available.

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