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Glass Dollies and Racks: Crucial Glass Handling Equipment

The right glass handling equipment, including glass dollies and racks, has far reaching benefits for companies of all sizes and all industries. From being able to handle larger sheets of flat glass with fewer people to reducing overall installation time, the right glass harp rack, glass harp dollies and material handling equipment is an invaluable part of your glass business.

The question for many window fabricators and glass shops that have specialty glass handling needs isn’t if they need glass handling equipment. They already know that the right glass handling equipment can improve their bottom line through increased productivity and decreased breakage. The main question is if they should build their own customized glass racks and glass dollies or if they should buy pre-fabricated glass racks and glass dollies.

Wakefield Equipment has built thousands of glass racks and glass dollies and has experience designing, engineering, and assisting with installing glass material handling equipment. Our experience working with our window fabricator and glass shop customers is that building a customized glass handling solution is more affordable than you think and is a better solution for your long term business goals. We take the time to understand your glass handling needs and have a variety of flat glass handling equipment solutions including:

  • Standard Dollies– economical way to store randomly sized insulated glass
  • Harp Type Insulated Glass Dollies– diagonal harp type PVC covered divider rods, perfect for shipping
  • Heavy Duty Dollies- all welded steel for extra support of your heaviest glass pieces
  • Full or Partial Base Harp Racks– ideal for separating and transporting single lites with a grooved base making it easy to load
  • Twin Level Harp Racks– used when space is at a premium, the twin level racks can be built to a variety of sizes
  • Twin Level I.G. Dollies– solution for storing large and small units and fully customizable to your specifications
  • Oven Racks– available in an endless range of sizes, designs, slot widths, base types and locking caster options.

Our site provides just a sample of the hundreds of types of glass and shop dollies and racks that we have built. Each glass rack and glass dolly has been specially constructed to suit the needs of each individual customer. Wakefield Equipment can be your trusted vendor for sourcing glass and material handling equipment. For a quote or more information on our products, please call us or fill out our online form.

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