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TigerStop Extrusion Production Line Placement


Measuring cuts can be quick and easy with a TigerStop lineal positioner. TigerStop automates your existing equipment through:

  • Technology Made Simple
  • Technology Made Affordable
  • Technology Made to Grow With You

Just push a button, and TigerStop goes to the exact position quickly and accurately. All you do is set, and forget.

TigerStop: The Affordable Positioner

  • The best priced positioner in today’s market
  • Can pay for itself in a few weeks
  • Simple to use – easy to set up
  • Saves material and labor
  • Fast, accurate and reliable

TigerStop Optimization Software

  • Options to interface with any TigerStop
  • Saves up to 20 percent on material
  • Can bridge your order entry system
  • Enhances your TigerStop now or at any time

Why TigerStop?

  • TigerStop has one of the finest track records of any machine in its category
  • The uniqueness of TigerStop enables it to be used in a wide variety of applications
  • Lineal positioners are perhaps the most cost effective way of reducing labor today, and TigerStop sells at a fraction the cost of other positioners


“Accuracy is the key thing, and reduced operational errors. The TigerStop was dependable, reliable, and lived up to my production needs and capabilities. In fact, it improved production. I would buy another one.”
— Jo Mccord, Acme Window Products, Willowbrook, IL

“I’m using TigerStops on two double-miter saws, and on chop saws in the screen department, glazing department, and vinyl finishing department. It is very small compared to other machines, it is user-friendly and is far superior.”
— Craig Bachman, Champion Window Coverings, Denver, CO

“Quality is not taken lightly at Simonton Windows and that’s why we choose Tiger Stop brand products. Tiger Stop positioning systems have assisted Simonton in receiving the highest rankings in the J.D. Power and Associates Builder and Remodeler Satisfaction Study for the last four years.”
— Jason Williams, Simonton Windows

“We use 37 Tiger Stops in our shop. In my 4 years in this industry I have found them to be very reliable and robust. My past 6 months as maintenance manager I have further been impressed by the feedback from the mechanics that speak highly of the reliability and accuracy of this equipment. The lack of maintenance on these units is a testament to the durability the Tiger Stop has provided for us in this building.”
— David Holmes, Ply Gem Windows

Want to Find Out More?

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