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Wakefield is a leading supplier of an extensive range of profile machinery for the window & door industry. From copy routers to end milling machines, Wakefield has the profile equipment you need to get the job done.

Automatic Single Corner Vinyl (PVC) Welding Machine

Wakefield’s single corner cleaner is composed of steel plate chassis…


Hydraulic Aluminum Corner Crimping Machine

Designed for 90 degrees corner joining of aluminum profiles with hydraulic system, pneumatic clamping system with a maximum pressing force of 5000 kg (11,000 lbs).

Drill & Staple Station

Just when you thought the world’s most accurate stop couldn’t possibly have any more uses than it already does, TigerStop has done it again.

Manual and Automatic End Milling Machines

Automatic angular end milling machine.

Pneumatic Punch Press

Designed to punch holes, slots, etc. onto aluminum and vinyl (PVC) profiles with the customized punch dies.

Hydraulic Punch Press

Hydraulically punch holes or slots on to aluminum and vinyl (PVC) profiles.

Tucana-02 M

Specially designed for milling sets of profiles (both aluminum and vinyl) in which the cutter unit needs to be changed several times in the same set.

Tucana-06 M

Manual end milling machine.

Copy Routers

A copy router is used to create metal and PVC profiles, and is especially useful in the window manufacturing industry.
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