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Shipping a completed product is among the most overlooked steps of the glass manufacturing process. Wakefield Equipment is aware of the challenges that shipping windows and doors present. We are proud to offer a superior line of vertical and horizontal stretch wrapping machines (sometimes called shrink wrapping equipment) that are built exclusively for the window and door industry to protect your products.

Wakefield Equipment’s stretch wrapping equipment is not just another redesigned, or converted pallet shrink wrapping machine. Wakefield understands the unique challenges of stretch wrapping fragile glass as well as the continuous cycling demands. Our stretch wrapping equipment is built for reliability.

Other features of our stretch wrapping or shrink wrapping system include high speeds, efficiency in the production line, versatility, and innovative technology for accuracy in production. For example, typically, stretch wrapping requires more than one person to wrap by hand. With our stretch wrapping equipment,  it only takes a single operator to wrap any size windows or frame. This saves you time and increases your workforce efficiency. See our machine in action.

Stretch Wrapping Machines At a Glance

  • Stretch wrap windows and doors quickly and efficiently
  • Wrap one or several products
  • Fully customized to suit your specific needs

For more information about Wakefield’s stretch wrapping machines or for a quote, contact us.

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