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Wakefield Equipment serves the fenestration industry by providing  a variety of new and custom built glass and door manufacturing equipment to help our fenestration industry partners save time, save money, and produce consistent products. Wakefield Equipment has partnered with the leading glass handling equipment manufacturers and glass tooling suppliers for glass handling machines. The products we recommend are the most cost-effective, labor-saving and innovative glass equipment available.

Glass handling is a major component of window and glass manufacturing.  Glass manufacturing requires specialized glass handling equipment to ensure a minimum of breakage and other damage that can seriously affect a manufacturer’s bottom line. Wakefield offers dolllies, tables, carts and glass storage solutions all designed specifically for the fenestration industry.

As you go through the website, keep in mind that it is a listing of only our most popular fenestration products. Each glass handling machine in our product catalog is qualified using two major criteria: price and performance. Visit our downloads page for all of our reference guides.  If you have a specific product in mind that isn’t listed, please give us a call at 440-899-5658.

Window & Door Assembly Equipment

With today’s labor market, no aspect of the manufacturing process should be left unstudied. The…

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Tables & Conveyors

Wakefield offers numerous tables and conveyors that serve fabricators in many different areas of their…

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Racks & Dollies

Wakefield Equipment has been supplying glass handling equipment for years and we know the main…

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Measuring cuts can be quick and easy with a TigerStop lineal positioner. TigerStop automates your existing equipment...
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Stretch wrapping equipment

Stretch Wrapping Machines for Windows and Doors

  Shipping a completed product is among the most overlooked steps of the glass manufacturing…

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Glass & Extrusion Storage

A common problem encountered by glass manufacturers is storage space. Wakefield Equipment offers a wide…

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Saws & Cutting

For anyone who knows the fenestration business, precision is one of the most important attributes…

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Profile Equipment

Wakefield is a leading supplier of an extensive range of profile machinery for the window…

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Solar Equipment

It is our mission to search out the most cost effective and reliable solar equipment…

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