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Wakefield offers numerous tables and conveyors that serve fabricators in many different areas of their production process. Application tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and serve multiple purposes. Not only are they an important part of the assembly process, they are also an ideal way to keep things moving smoothly in your production line.

The following pages offer just a small sample of ways that we can maximize productivity in your plant through our screen tables and conveyors.

Grid Application Table with Air Float

Long wearing Formica top with grid pattern...

Air Float Tilt Table for Jumbo Glass

Heavy duty construction and customized to your specifications.

One Directional Glass Cutting Table

Save thousands on this custom table through Wakefield Equipment.

Tilt Work Tables

Ideal for positioning large windows.

Automated Conveyor Systems

Ideal for use in tempering and cleaning operations.

Butterfly Table

The centerpiece of an efficient IG unit manufacturing process.
low-e glass edge deletion tablee

Edge Deletion Tables

Adjustable grind for any glass thickness, available in any size or shape.

Caster Sealing Tables

Seal edges of insulated glass, with optional rotation of cup and pneumatic tilt.

Caster Transfer Tables & Tilt Caster Tables

Heavy-duty caster tables are used for handling, transferring or processing glass lites.

Flexible Spacer Application Tables

Six inch cup with lineal slide, and formica top with air float.

Grid Application Tables

Long wearing Formica top with grid pattern.

Manual Cutting Tables

Glass drops for cutting on industrial carpeted top.

Caster Sealing Table with Man-Pocket

A good way to seal edges of insulated glass, and available with different caster spacing.

Sealing Table Suction Cup w/ Platform

A good way to seal edges of insulated glass.

Sash Assembly Table

Effective use of frame or sash transfer conveyers eliminate labor and provide an excellent work in process data.

Free Fall Racks

Hard rubber back makes it ideal for stoces (unprotected glass). Can be either stationary or mobile.

Free Fall Bases

Product Description For dropping glass from steel returnable (recyclable) cases Weight capacity of 8,000 pounds…


Overhead Spacer Conveyor

Available in multiple sizes for spacer & sash and offer sequenced production for complete accuracy.

Freestanding Conveyor

Freestanding Conveyor.

Spacer Racks

For moving assembled spacers.

Screen Tables

Helps with the labor intensive nature of making screens and eliminating potential carpal tunnel syndrome.

Read more about how tilt tables can improve your productivity.

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