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annealed glass

Annealed Glass: Features and Benefits

Annealed glass is commonly referred to as “plate” glass or “window glass”. It is the basic flat glass product created by the float glass process. It gets its name from the annealing process used to slowly cool the glass to relieve any internal stresses after the glass has been formed. For most glass products, the annealing temperature falls between 850 °F and 900 °F, which is the stress-relief point of the glass. Then, the pieces heat-soak until the temperature is consistent throughout. Heat soaking is the process of subjecting glass to a steady temperature.

After the annealing process is complete, the glass can be cut, drilled, or polished without the risk of creating internal stresses that could cause it to shatter. It is not the strongest glass type, however, and offers no safety features. When it does break, it will typically shatter into random, jagged pieces that can cause serious injury. As a result, jobs in which high strength and safety are concerns should never consider using annealed glass. Building codes might even restrict the use of annealed glass if it will be used in an area where there is a high risk of breakage or injury.

Annealed glass is cheaper than other types of glass because it does not go through any additional manufacturing processes. It also offers versatility and flexibility from a design standpoint because it can be cut into in a variety of styles and designs, including being curved. 

Other types of glass can be created from annealed glass. Laminated glass is essentially two pieces of annealed glass bonded together with a plastic interior layer. It can also be used to produce heat strengthened glass, tempered glass, insulated glass and coated glass.

Annealed glass characteristics

Brittle and very strong in compression
Low tensile strength
Low thermal shock resistance
Breaks due to sudden changes in temperature
If it breaks, it forms sharp fragments

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