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Door Flipping Table and Conveyor

Labor Saving K-51 DV Door Flipping Table and Conveyor

When it comes to handling heavy and oversized windows, doors or special application products, the more hands the better. At least that used to be the case.  A door flipping table and conveyor is a specialized workstation designed to assist in the handling and assembly of doors, windows and other large panels. It typically consists of a sturdy table with mechanisms that allow it to flip or rotate the door to different orientations. This flipping action makes it easier for workers to access different sides of the door for tasks such as installation of hardware, painting, or inspection. Door flipping tables can be manual, where operators manually rotate the door, or automated, with motorized mechanisms controlled by sensors or operators. Door flipping table and conveyor systems can streamline the production process for doors or large panels, improving efficiency, ergonomics, and overall workflow in manufacturing operations.

How Does it Work?

The K-51DV Door Flipping Table and Conveyor takes what used to be a two-person job and turns it into easy work for just one person. The machine’s ergonomic features also help ensure employee safety and a productive work environment.

Our K-51 DV door flipping table replaces repetitive, heavy lifting of doors and windows that weigh upwards of 350 pounds. Pneumatic arms carefully lift and flip large windows and doors at the touch of a button. The door flipping table and is outfitted with steel rollers covered with urethane tube. This allows for easy transfer on and off the table without damaging the units and onto the next step in the manufacturing process.

Watch it in action.

Customized Features

Wakefield Equipment’s K-51 DV Flipping Table is built to each customer’s standards. From choosing the working height and width to adding outlets and light curtains, every detail is carefully planned to ensure that it fits seamlessly into each workflow.  The pneumatic arms can be customized to whatever thickness of product you are flipping.

A diagram of a flip table


  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced labor cost
  • Improved employee safety
  • Integrated workflow into your manufacturing process

The Wakefield Advantage

Wakefield Equipment has been supplying the fenestration industry with glass shipping racks, glass dollies, and custom built assembly line equipment for over 30 years. We partner with our customers to ensure that every piece of equipment purchased helps move their business forward. We combine unmatched service with specialized glass handling equipment to help our customers reduce labor costs, reduce waste, and increase productivity and profits. Give us a call or contact us to learn more about our K-51 DV door flipping table and other fenestration products.

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