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Architectural Glass Trends and New Products

Architectural Glass Trends and New Products

Thousands of years ago, craftsmen discovered the art of turning sand and soda ash into objects of beauty. Glass is as beautiful as it is versatile because of its ability to retract and diffuse light. Since that time, glass has become part of our daily life and was often overlooked for its architectural and decorative uses as other new mediums were developed. Only recently has the decorative glass market begun to shape the way we think about and use glass.

The decorative and architectural glass market is experiencing explosive growth as new technologies have led to new and innovative products. From mirror TVs, outdoor TVs, to the ability to apply images directly to glass, new products are entering the market and creating new demand. Glass can truly be used as functional décor in both residential and commercial applications.

Driving the push for new architectural glass solutions is an architectural design community looking for creative, yet energy efficient decorative glass products. High-end designers are looking for unique ideas that have never been used before and customers are looking to make an impact using custom glass work or to create unique solutions to design problems. Designers are also featuring decorative glass in high-impact design areas in lobbies, entrances, and are even using glass to feature client logos and branding elements.

Companies like Seura, 3-Form and Haworth have developed innovative glass products and accessories that are leading the decorative glass industry forward and are creating new design trends.

Hidden Technology

The age old dilemma of where to hang the TV has been settled. With glass technology from companies like Seura, vanishing mirror displays provide a crisp television display when on and a fashionable mirror when the TV is off! Seurra has also pioneered outdoor and weatherproof TV screens.

Artful Offices

Gone are the days of boring cubicles that inspire no one. Designers are turning to glass to take advantage of natural light and to add architectural interest through color and texture. Haworth has developed a unique frameless glass wall system that can be used in offices and storefronts. The frameless glass walls are demountable and can be moved around to accommodate always changing office environments.

High Impact Spaces

3form has taken the art of decorative glass to new levels. They offer a different decorative glass product from floor to ceiling and everything in between. They are using the beauty and durability of decorative glass products to add drama, dimension, and light to spaces.

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