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Tilt Table

Increase Productivity with Glass Handling Tilt Tables

In order to maximize the safety, efficiency and productivity in the window and glass manufacturing process, one small but extremely important component to consider is the tilt table, a type of application table.  Tilt tables eliminate the need to bend repeatedly to handle products for transporting and shipping. Many products can ergonomically raise and lower materials according to your needs. These also come in electric or air design that automatically repositions itself, always keeping loads at optimum working height.Tilt tables are available in a variety of different load capacities, lengths, dimensions, and tilt angles.  Tilt tables are powered in a number ways, including air, manual, or motor sources, and can be operated by foot or hand control.

Using the proper tilt table for the job can often be the difference between a simple, ergonomically correct process, and a much more complex situation with potential for worker injury.  Utilizing the correct tilt table can not only help increase your company’s material output, but will also minimize operator fatigue through repeated unnecessary bending, leading to a healthier workforce.

Some of our most popular tilt tables include the pneumatic tilt transfer table, which allows windows to be easily moved from horizontal to vertical angles; tilt caster tables, which are available in several different caster and roller combinations; and tilt work tables, which are the ideal solution for positioning large windows.

We also carry glass handling tables for many specialized glass handling situations.  One of these application tables is the sunburst table, which features grid alignment marks in a sunburst pattern, allowing the creation of specific patterns to be cut into insulated glass, such as half rounds.  Another glass handling table we offer is our laser-etching air table.  This application table allows for identifying marks to be laser etched into glass, making it a great solution for branding glass products.  Butterfly application tables are available as well, and are often considered the most important component of IG unit manufacturing.

Wakefield Equipment strives to provide a wide variety of tilt tables and other application tables for any window and glass manufacturing need. Visit our video gallery for some tilt tables in action!

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