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Glass Seaming

Glass Seaming Table for Tempered Glass Manufacturing

An unseamed edge of a glass lite is susceptible to cracking while undergoing the glass tempering process. Those cracks can release small flakes that could also stick to your machines and damage other glass in the tempered glass production line, costing your manufacturing floor time and money.

A glass seaming machine and glass seaming table is a simple solution. It is an integral piece of a glass tempering and fabrication line. The glass seamer removes any sharp edges of glass by grinding each of the sides using grinding wheels. The glass can then be seamlessly transferred via a rack or dolly, depending on your manufacturing floor, to the next step of the tempering process.

Seaming Table for Glass Equipment Fabricators

Wakefield’s glass seaming table is built for mounting any type of glass seaming machine. The table’s ergonomic design supports the weight of the glass and places the operator in an ideal position to work more efficiently with less fatigue. With a 36” cutout on one side of the table, the operator is able to be up close to all edges.

The sturdy steal frame and optional non-marking casters are strong enough to handle just about any weight and for practically any application.

Wakefield Seaming Table

Wakefield can custom build a seaming table to meet your unique needs. Options include:

  • Customizable size and height to fit your production line
  • Felt top to ensure safe transfer of your glass
  • Optional air float
  • Choice of roller type (example: free or donut roller)
  • Adjustable number feet
  • Guiding rollers
  • Choice of color

A glass seamer is an essential part of a high-quality glass fabrication line. Contact Wakefield’s experts and let us design a custom seaming table for your business.

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