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Common door types

Most Common Door Types Throughout History

Doors have been used since the dawn of time, from the stone doors used in Asia in 2000BC to the wooden doors used in Europe in 3000 BC. Their ultimate function has always been to create privacy or to provide passage to another area. A door is a lot more than an entryway from one room to another, however. Not only can it add style to a home, but it can also convey the mood of a room before you even step inside. Our ancient ancestors understood this and evidence of using copper and bronze to adorn doors can be traced back to medieval times!


Over the last thousand years lots has changed in the world of doors and these are the most common door types used in construction today:

  1. Frame and Panel Doors
  2. Glass Doors
  3. Sliding Doors
  4. Pocket Doors
  5. Sliding Barn Doors
  6. French Doors

Frame and Panel Doors

There’s a reason frame and panel doors have been a staple since they rose to design fame in the 18th century with very little change. Good construction stands the test of time!  Frame and Panel door design is an elegant solution to the perennial problem of wood expanding and contracting, which causes warping. Solid wood is in a constant state of movement no matter what type of finish is used. With frame-and-panel construction, the panel is fit inside a frame and is not glued, allowing it to expand and contract while the frame maintains a consistent overall size. The overall look is a classic design sure to please any eye.

Glass Doors

Safe for interior and exterior use, modern-day glass doors are made of tempered glass. These energy-efficient doors come in a variety of styles. The use of glass doors optimizes natural light and creates a modern elegant design.  A major benefit of glass doors is that is easy to clean and is incredibly durable. Glass does not corrode, rust, doesn’t collect dust and grime.

Sliding Doors

It’s hard to believe, but sliding doors have been around since the 1st century! A roman sliding door was found preserved in the ruins at Pompeii! Sliding doors are panels that move from side to side along a track mounted above your doorway. A sliding door is the perfect door replacement for tight spaces that don’t allow for a traditional inward or outward swing. Sliding doors come in a variety of materials, including wood, glass and even louvered that fit any design sense.

Pocket Doors

If you want to make the most of your space, consider a pocket door. These hit the happy medium space between a paneled and bi-fold styles. Pocket doors are a great space-saving option for rooms that have tighter spaces, like closets, bathrooms, and offices. With pocket doors, you don’t need to worry about swing radius. This door disappears into a compartment in the door frame as it slides open, slipping into the space as into a pocket. 

Barn Doors

Sliding barn doors can serve as room dividers in larger, open-concept spaces. They can also cover small closet or cubby spaces that hold storage or decorative piecesMost often, these doors are chosen as replacement doors for traditional hinged doors that lack the beauty and artistic expression of a sliding barn door. 

French Doors

French doors are double doors composed largely of glass panes. The two doors open inward. French doors usually are used to give a room plenty of extra light. Their paned glass panels act as a window, allowing natural warmth and light to flood the interior of your home.

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