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Industrial Chop Saws and Miter Saws:

Which One Do You Need?

Chop Saw
Chop Saw

For anyone who knows the fenestration business, precision is one of the most important attributes of any fenestration product. The window and glass industry uses a variety of industrial chop saws and miter saws to accomplish the accurate cuts required in window and glass cutting. Many chop saws and miter saws feature adjustable speeds, pneumatic clamps, and come in a variety of sizes to suit profiles of varying thickness. They are both an integral part of any window and door manufacturing facility but there is often confusion about which one to use.

Chop Sawschop saw is a type of circular saw commonly used to get very straight, square cuts, making it a great option for extremely accurate window and glass cutting.  Chop saws are considered fairly easy to operate, but it’s important to use the proper size and RPM-rated blades and maintain their sharpness in order to preserve the safety and integrity of the saw.

Double Mitre Saws: A double mitre saw (sometimes spelled double miter) is another type of circular power saw, but with the blade and motor mounted on a hinged arm.  This is the ideal type of saw for creating highly-accurate angle cuts – another must for window and glass cutting.  A double mitre saw is also at times called a chop box.

Double Miter Saw
Double Miter Saw

Chop Saw vs Mitre Saw: Which is Better

The main difference between a chop saw and a miter saw is that a chop saw cuts 90-degree angles and is larger and more powerful. A miter saw cuts angled, beveled, and compound cuts and is more versatile because it can rotate, as well as pivot left and right. Chop saws tend to be better at cutting metal while a mitre saw is best at cutting wood. 


Choosing a Saw

Wakefield Equipment offers two lines of saws – Atech and CTD.  Wakefield also offers V-notch saws in several models, from 10 to 16 inch blades. Based on your fenestration application, we will recommend the proper make and model for you. Wakefield also offers complementary products like TigerStop Lineal Positioner. TigerStop is considered “best in class” and is an affordable solution that helps automate the cutting process and ensures you get the cut exactly where you need it.

To find out more about the glass cutting equipment we offer to take your glass shop sales to the next level, contact usVisit our video gallery for informational videos to learn more about Hydraulic Aluminum Corner Crimping Machines or Punch Press.

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