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Meet Owen Cleary and Kellen Wise, Owners of Wakefield Equipment

Meet Owen Cleary and Kellen Wise, Owners of Wakefield Equipment

Wakefield Equipment was founded by Ron Ober. His goal was to provide best-in-class customer service while selling new and custom built equipment to the fenestration industry at an affordable price. When Ron was ready to retire, he began searching for like-minded individuals to turn the business over to and continue its growth.

He found that same passion for customer service and business savviness in Owen Cleary and  Kellen Wise. “Nine years ago I was introduced to Ron. We shared the same philosophies about custom service and he felt that I understood what it would take to continue his vision,” said Owen. “Kellen joined at that same time and has helped the company grow to where it is now.”

At the very core, customer service is what really sets Wakefield Equipment apart. When you work with Wakefield Equipment, you won’t be working with a jr account representative with no fenestration experience. When you call Wakefield Equipment, you’ll be talking directly to co-owners Owen Cleary and Kellen Wise. “We treat every order, big or small, the same. We value the people involved and want to help our customers do their jobs more effectively. We place a high value on developing long-term relationships with our customers,” said Kellen.

Owen echoed those thoughts, “Our customers understand there’s value in our service that goes far beyond the bottom line. They know that we’re always going to strive to exceed their expectations when it comes to providing them with innovative fenestration solutions at a reasonable price.”

Wakefield Equipment sells machinery and equipment for the fenestration industry all over North America. The majority of the equipment sold is custom built to a customer’s specific needs. “We love seeing our equipment in use and knowing that we have helped their business do a task more quickly, more accurately, and often times more safely,” said Kellen.

Call Wakefield Equipment for more information or a custom quote for your glass business equipment needs.




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