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A copy router is used to create metal and PVC profiles, and is especially useful in the window manufacturing industry. Some copy routers, such as the Libra-02 M/P, have been specifically designed with the window manufacturer in mind. The Libra-02 M/P easily opens key holes, slots, and other window and door accessory shapes in a range of sizes.

Libra-02 M/P Copy Router

The Libra-02 copy routing machine has been designed to open key holes, slots, and other window & door accessory shapes onto PVC and aluminum profiles. Standard copy templates fit most applications and custom templates are available.

Standard Features

  • Pneumatic twin horizontal clamps
  • Router bit
  • Copy template
  • Air gun
  • Profile support bars

Libra-02 HM Copy Router

  • Profile support bars
  • Router bit
  • Pneumatic twin horizontal clamps
  • Air Gun
  • Copy template
  • Collet diameter 8 mm
  • User’s manual

Optional Equipment

  • Collet diameter 6 mm
  • Extra router bit
  • Special copy template
  • Pneumatic spray mist lubrication
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