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TigerStop Conversion Kit

Part # CON5-CONV

The conversion kit is a discounted bundle of version 5 electronics. Replacement of electronics that are no longer available is now possible with this upgrade path. It is always a good idea to contact Wakefield Equipment customer service to avoid surprises when considering an electronics upgrade.

Important Information About Ordering TigerStop Conversion Kit:

  • CON5-CONV orders require the serial number of the machine that will receive the electronics. You must email your serial number to [email protected] for this part to be shipped to you. (Failure to use the parts with the specified serial number can result in software compatibility issues.)
  • The CON5-CONV price includes a $400.00 core charge, refunded if the previous electronics are returned to TigerStop within 30 days of the new shipment.
  • It’s important to test the motor before ordering a CON5-CONV, because a damaged motor can destroy a fresh amplifier. Watch the video to learn how to test your motor.
  • Conversion kits are incompatible with SawGear and with older TigerStops that have a yellow motor box.
  • The kit does NOT include a control stand, an I/O Panel, or a motor.

The CON5-CONV Kit includes the following items:

  • Version 5 controller (CON5)
  • 10′ or 3 meter long controller cable (CC5-10)
  • Power Cord (PC)
  • Amplifier (AMP6)
  • Quick Reference Instruction Cards

$3,500.00 each

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