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Wakefield Equipment has been supplying glass handling equipment for years and we know the main dilemma facing many window fabricators and glass shops is whether to build or buy racks and dollies.

We believe that we’ve answered this question with the best source of glass and material handling equipment anywhere and at the best prices possible. We have built THOUSANDS of racks & dollies and we’re sure that we can customize the right solution for your glass handling needs.

Using racks and dollies in the workplace is also a great way to prevent workplace injury. Our experts weigh in on how to adhere to OSHA’s material handling guidelines for lifting in the workplace and the ideal equipment to make the job safer for everyone.

L-Type Storage Racks

Ideal for IG units, for both internal storage & shipping.

Glass Storage Racks

Product Description Ideal for storage of large quantities of glass Available as…


Heavy-Duty Tow Dolly

Safely and efficiently move 25,000 pounds of glass on a single dolly!

Free Fall Bases

Product Description For dropping glass from steel returnable (recyclable) cases Weight capacity…


Free Fall Racks

Hard rubber back makes it ideal for stoces (unprotected glass). Can be either stationary or mobile.

Glass Panel Transport Cart

We have built THOUSANDS of racks & dollies and we’re sure that we can customize the right solution for you.

Floor Dollies

Simple way to move large single unit.

Custom Door Dolly

Front end roller makes for easy loading.

Door Dolly with Clamps

Perfect for moving doors across your plant or across the country.

Door Transport Dolly

An innovative rack that utilizes individual slots that tilt, and lock in place to ensure that doors can be shipped without damage.

Storage Rack for Patio & Shower Doors

Maximize space with this multifunction dolly.

Patio Door Storage Rack

Compactly designed with maximum storage capabilities and a variety of protective surfaces to prevent doors from being damaged during storage.

Window & Door Carts

Easy loading and transporting windows around your facility or around the country.


The CartCaddy is the most affordable and ideal complement to push or pull your wheeled applications.

Watch products in action.

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