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It is our mission to search out the most cost effective and reliable solar equipment available. Wakefield has been providing innovative, labor-saving solutions to the fenestration industry for more than a decade. With the growing trend of alternative energy sources, we have been able to modify our glass handling equipment to assist solar panel fabricators in making their operation more efficient.

This is accomplished in two ways:

We research the market to determine needs and future trends.
We then look at new technology, and determine how to meet the current and future needs of the industry.

Our solar equipment offering is based upon two major criteria:

Cost Effectiveness: Fast payback is essential.
Reliability: Only quality products with a proven track record are considered.

As you go through our solar equipment offerings, keep in mind that it is a listing of only our most popular solar products. If you don’t find something, give us a call. If we don’t offer it, we’ll do our best to suggest an alternative, reliable source.

If you’re not turning to us for your solar requirements, we encourage you to call. Our customers keep coming back because we offer the highest quality solar equipment at a reasonable price and offer unparalleled customer service. We want to be YOUR source for solar panel fabrication equipment! Visit our solar catalog for more info!

Film Application Table

An efficient way to apply film outside of either individual lites or IG units.
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