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With today’s labor market, no aspect of the manufacturing process should be left unstudied. The window and door assembly process is often one of the more labor-intensive operations where small improvements can result in big rewards.

Wakefield offers several products to help window fabricators in these areas. We offer a line of window assembly and squaring racks that are affordable, versatile and custom-built to your specifications.

Glazing Rack with 90˚ Tilt

Another custom-built option from Wakefield Equipment is the the glazing and squaring rack. Features retractable sides and tilt, as well as pneumatic lift making it ergonomically friendly.

Desiccant Fillers

Large capacity and air tight storage.

360 Swivel Conveyor

Easily transfer your windows and doors on to the swivel conveyor and move in the direction you need to continue the assembly process.

Window & Glass Manipulator

Product Description This is the ideal solution to enable one employee to handle a job…

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