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Window Carts and Dollies

For window manufacturers, business would not be possible without the use of window carts and dolliesWakefield Equipment strives to carry the widest and best selection of window carts and dollies in order to ensure that our customers have quality solutions available to them for every window glass storage, handling, and shipping need.

We currently carry many different types of window carts and dollies.  Each piece of equipment serves a specific need in the window-manufacturing community.

Our Triangle Dolly is the perfect solution for easy access and handling of completed windows.  The Triangle Dolly features steel rods with PVC covers to serve as dividers and bottom strips which keep product separate, and reduces and even eliminates friction which may cause breakage or other damage.  Besides helping to minimize product damage, the Triangle Dolly is also an excellent investment in that it can be used both in-shop for storage or intra-warehouse transportation, as well as for shipping product to vendors.  Our current customers appreciate that the Triangle Dolly comes in various sizes, and can be easily customized as needed to meet any specifications.

We also manufacture Completed Window Dollies.  These dollies are an excellent tool to transport finished windows.  Like our Triangle dolly, the Completed Window Dolly is dual purpose and can be used both in-shop to transport windows, or to ship windows to customers.  The Completed Window Dolly is at times considered the more economical choice for some of our vendors, and as such, is often used not just for transportation of windows, but also for storage once manufacture is complete.  Featuring a welded frame on a wooden base with wooden sides, our Completed Window Dolly maneuvers easily both indoors and out, and can be built to any length or other size specification.

Our third type of window dolly is specialized for the specific job of handling and transporting window frames and sashes.  The window frame and sash dollies feature wide 5.5” slots which are ideal for handling these types of window equipment.  Our frame and sash dollies’ specialized design allows for easy sorting, storing, and transportation of window frames and sashes prior to their assembly and shipment to vendors.  Although most of our customers prefer our two-sided frame and sash dolly, when space is limited, a one-sided dolly design is available.

Although all of our window carts and dollies are easily maneuverable, when loaded, they are, as is probably expected, quite heavy.  Our customers often find the CartCaddy to be an affordable solution to assist in moving loaded carts and dollies, and can at times even cut down on the manpower needed to move carts and dollies from place to place, ultimately saving money.

To find out how Wakefield Equipment can help meet all of your window and glass handling and shipping needs, including window carts and dollies, please contact us today.

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