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Lineal Positioners: The Accurate, Economical, Automated Solution

Lineal positioners are quickly becoming one of the most important pieces of equipment in the window fenestration industry.  The use of a top-of-the-line lineal positioner creates an automated stop/gauge and pusher system in which employees can be quickly trained, generally within an hour, creating a massive efficiency across manufacturing areas, by helping to move product through fast and easily.

So what is a lineal positioner?

A lineal positioner is a machine tool that allows the user to measure for cuts simply, accurately, and automatically.  Lineal positioners can be added to just about any type of machine currently in your shop.  Instead of using a tape measure, which can be unwieldy and inaccurate (and often depends on who is taking the measurement), a lineal positioner allows an exact measurement to be programmed into it, which means you get the exact same, 100% accurately-sized cut every single time you use it.

The gold standard in lineal positioners

Wakefield equipment is proud to offer our clients the gold standard in lineal positioners – the TigerStop.  The name TigerStop is known to the fenestration industry as being synonymous with quality, accuracy, toughness, and durability.  In fact, the TigerStop is part of TigerStop’s Built Metal Tough line of products, meaning that even metal shops, which have some of the highest standards in the manufacturing industry for durability due to the nature of their business, consider the TigerStop to be the gold standard in lineal positioners.

Besides quickly gaining a reputation as the best lineal positioner on the market, The TigerStop lineal positioner is also the most affordable. Because of its ease of use and overall accuracy, the TigerStop often pays for itself in just a couple of months.  It was also designed in such a way that it can grow with your business.  You won’t have to purchase larger or more expensive lineal positioners as your company expands.  Additionally, Wakefield Equipment offers our clients the ability to purchase optimization software as needed to customize their TigerStops.  Available software options include: a touchscreen interface, label printing, bar code scanning, PC/PLC control, and workflow management with work order downloading.  The addition of these options to the TigerStop can result in a savings of up to 20% on material costs.

To find out how Wakefield Equipment can help your business save money and be more productive with a TigerStop lineal positioner, or to purchase a TigerStop, please contact us today for information. You can also visit our video gallery for informational videos and see Tigerstop in action and listen to customer testimonials!

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