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Parts of a Window

Sill? Sash? Muntin? Get to Know the Parts of a Window.

Most people visualize a window as being comprised of a frame and the glass. That’s just the beginning of the list when it comes to the parts of a window. Understanding how windows are built and the different parts of a window can help you choose both the right style of window and the right window manufacturer.

Every window is comprised of these basic parts:

  1. Glass Pane
  2. Jamb
  3. Muntin
  4. Sill
  5. Sash

Glass Pane: the glass areas of a window which keeps the elements out and keeps cool/warm air inside

Jamb: The vertical parts that form the outer sides of a window frame and frames the depth of the opening in the wall

Muntin: A strip of wood or metal within the window that holds the panes of glass and separates smaller individual panes of glass

Sill: A sill forms the bottom part of the window frame

Sash: The frame holding in the panes of glass that moves up and down and keeps the window in place while it is being moved

Frame: The frame is the outer part of the window which is attached to the wall of a building

Common Materials Used On Windows

Different components are made of different materials. The sash and frame are traditionally made from fiberglass or wood. Many of the exterior and interior elements are comprised of extruded PVC which needs to be cut to very precise measurements. The type of glass used varies tremendously depending on the type of window being installed.

Window Construction

For anyone who knows the fenestration business, precision is one of the most important attributes of any fenestration product. The window and glass industry uses a variety of industrial chop saws and miter saws. These specific saws can accomplish the accurate cuts required in window and glass cutting. Another popular tool is the use of TigerStop. This tool is used during the manufacturing process to ensure precision cutting of many crucial window components.

Choosing a Window Manufacturer

When choosing a window installer, it’s important to carefully evaluate all vendors based on their attention to detail throughout the construction process. Watch out for vendors who cut corners. Even the tiniest fraction of an inch off in a window measurement could lead to severe damage to your home from leaks and even insect damage. Wakefield Equipment supplies window glass handling equipment to some of the highest quality manufacturers. If you need help, we can point you in the right direction.

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