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Heavy Duty 22″ (550 mm) Automatic Upcut Miter Saw

  • Heavy duty upcut miter saw designed for straight and miter cuts of PVC (vinyl), aluminum extrusions and wood
  • 0-15°- 22, 5°- 30°- 45°- 60°-75° angle pin locks
  • Two hands safety operation
  • Intermediate angles are set via lock handle
  • Hydro-pneumatic saw blade feed for smooth and precise cutting (fully adjustable)
  • Adjustable saw blade rising speed
  • Pneumatic safety top guard with LED lighting

Standard Equipment

  • Twin vertical pneumatic clamps
  • Additional horizontal pneumatic clamp
  • High quality carbide tipped 550 mm (22”) saw blade

Optional Equipment

  • KN-DX 10′ Manual Infeed Roller Table with Digital Read-Out
  • Pneumatic spray mist lubrication system
  • 3 m (10’) roller conveyor model MKN301


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