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Wakefield offers numerous tables and conveyors that serve fabricators in many different areas of their production process. Application tables come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and serve multiple purposes. Not only are they an important part of the assembly process, they are also an ideal way to keep things moving smoothly in your production line.

The following pages offer just a small sample of ways that we can maximize productivity in your plant through our screen tables and conveyors.

Screen Tables

Helps with the labor intensive nature of making screens and eliminating potential carpal tunnel syndrome.

Horizontal Work Tables

Keeps product from shifting while being worked on, with adjustable hold-down pins that fit any size window.

Seaming Table

Built for mounting any type of seaming machine.

Sunburst Table

Non-marking top with grid alignment marks for creating sunburst patterns, such as half-rounds, in your insulated glass.

Flat Glass Washer

Maybe no other piece of equipment is as crucial to your operation.


Provides easy access to various types of film while storing your material.

Laser Etching Air Table

Wakefield’s laser etching air table makes it easy and affordable to do.

Door Barrel

It’s OK to flip out! Our door barrel system makes it easy to access both…


Door Flipping Table & Conveyor

The door flipping table and conveyor is custom-built to your specifications.

Vertical Transfer Conveyors

Helps with material flow throughout shop.

Air Float Tables

Ideal for dropping, moving and cutting sheets of glass.
traveling table

Traveling Table

Can be used to collect and transfer panels or glass to and from several racks, or even one of Wakefield’s custom built Drawer Systems.

Pneumatic Tilt Transfer Table

Easily move window from vertical to horizontal.

Read more about how tilt tables can improve your productivity.

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