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TigerStop Replacement Parts and Accessories

The TigerStop brand is synonymous with quality, reliability and precision. Their line of saw stops, sometimes called lineal positioners, are built to handle the everyday needs of metal and wood shops alike. They are built for accuracy and durability, which is their line of automation equipment can be great additions to almost any machine in your shop currently.

The TigerStop system was designed to be modular and customizable to suit your unique business needs, so you can add TigerStop parts and accessories as needed. When business is growing and it’s time for a TigerStop upgrade, Wakefield offers a full line of material handling parts and p accessories including flat tables, roller tables, pusher extensions, gang stops, and mounting brackets.

TigerStop’s flat tables are available for both an infeed and outfeed operation and are typically height adjustable to fit your existing systems. Depending on your application, you might want to install an extension, such as a pusher foot or a gang stop. A pusher foot is a PVC attachment which extends the range of movement right up to your saw blade. A gang stop creates a saw stop that processes more than one piece at a time. Through the use of TigerStop mounting brackets, you can also fix TigerStop tables to your existing machine tools.

Like all machines, they do require regular maintenance.  When it’s time for a replacement part or a repair, TigerStops were built to be easy to repair and affordable. From TigerStop replacement belts to switches, TigerStop replacement parts are available through TigerStop dealers, like Wakefield Equipment. Our website,, is an online store for TigerStop replacement parts, TigerStop accessories, and even saw blades.

Whether you are in need of a TigerStop replacement part, a new  machine, or advice on adding TigerStop accessories to your workflow, Wakefield Equipment can help. For replacement parts and accessories, visit or contact us today.

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