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Fenestration Industry: Windows and Doors

The classic definition of fenestration refers to the design, construction and placement of windows and doors in a building. The term fenestration has grown over the years to include both indoor and outdoor windows, doors, skylights and any other opening designed to transmit light from one space to another.

The fenestration industry, often referred to as the window and door industry, includes a variety of suppliers and manufacturers, including:

  • Glass manufacturers
  • Window and door hardware companies
  • Vinyl extruders
  • Lumber companies
  • Cutting and welding machinery companies

Most people are aware that there are a significant number of building codes that must be followed when building a house or building and fenestration companies play a large role in building those houses and buildings. Fenestration industry manufacturers are required to adhere to a multitude of standards, from energy efficiency ratings on glass to safety codes. Organizations like the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and the Window and Door Dealers Alliance work on behalf of fenestration industry companies to stay on top of upcoming regulatory changes and ensure that the voices of the fenestration industry are heard.

Wakefield Equipment serves the fenestration industry by providing window and door manufacturing equipment to help our fenestration industry partners save time, save money, and produce consistent products.

Wakefield Equipment has partnered with the leading glass equipment manufacturers and glass tooling suppliers for glass handling machines, glass storage solutions, solar glass, glass cutting, glass lifting and glass assembly equipment. The products we recommend are the most cost-effective, labor-saving and innovative glass equipment available.

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