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Stretch Wrapping Machines vs Hand Wrapping

Minimizing the amount of waste is one of the fundamental things that every window and screen manufacturer is acutely aware of on a day to day basis. Glass manufactures reduce their waste by making precise cuts using lineal positioners and using various dollies and racks to protect their glass throughout the assembly process.

An often overlooked step in the assembly process is the final protective wrapping that is applied to a finished window or door unit. Wrapping windows for shipment is an entirely different process than wrapping a pallet. There are a number of reasons that replacing hand wrapping with a stretch wrap machine can improve your bottom line.

  1. Quality Control
    Hand wrapping your glass products is riddled with variables, like multiple operators or even operator fatigue, among others. Each variable introduces an added element of risk when it comes to quality control. Using a stretch wrap machine allows glass manufacturers to eliminate or at least preset these variables with established and acceptable quality standards.
  1. Professional Look
    Similar to the quality control issue, an operator who wraps their glass products with hand wrap stretch film is not able to wrap every load exactly the same way, time and time again. A window wrapped first thing on Monday morning by a fresh employee might look very different from one wrapped at 4:55 on a Friday afternoon. Wrapping with a stretch wrap machine eliminates this issue and creates a professionally applied look every time.
  2. Employee Safety
    Hand wrapping pallets is an extremely difficult job. It is also a common source of back injuries when performed incorrectly. The human form is not designed to walk hunched over while carrying a weight and simultaneously trying to pull enough tension onto the film. Many accidents and work related injuries are caused by hand wrapping. Glass and door wrapping with a stretch wrap machine eliminates this issue.
  1. Damage Control
    Employees are unable to wrap a window precisely the same way each time. This variance can ultimately lead to costly breakage en route from your warehouse to your customer. Even worse than the cost of breakage is the cost of unhappy customers.
  2. Film Savings
    Although stretch wrapping machines are designed to ensure that your products arrive safely and intact, there can also be some actual stretch film saving by using a machine versus hand wrapping. With the machine set to wrap the product with the least amount of stretch film required to hold it together, you eliminate unnecessary film being added. At a point, more film does not hold it together any better and it is just wasted cost.

To see our stretch wrapping machines in action, visit our video gallery. You can also read more about our recommendations in our product catalog, starting on page 47.

Wakefield Equipment offers a superior line of vertical and horizontal stretch wrapping equipment that is built exclusively for the window and door industry. Wakefield Equipment’s stretch wrappers are designed for windows, and are not just another redesigned, or converted pallet wrapper. The continuous cycling with these constant demands requires a reliable window wrapper in your plant. For more information, contact us.

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