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Safer Glass Handling with Transfer Tables

Safe and efficient glass handling is at the top of the priority list for glass manufacturers every day.  Well designed glass handling equipment, such as application and transfer tables, helps to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Eliminate glass scratches and breakage
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve operator fatigue and reduce OSHA claims
  • Streamline workflow

Tilt tables are powered in a number ways, including air, manual, or motor sources, and can be operated by foot or hand control. Wakefield Equipment offers a full line of glass handling tilt tables, available in a variety of different load capacities, lengths, dimensions, and tilt angles.

Pneumatic Tilt Transfer Table: Easily move windows from horizontal to vertical using a tilt transfer table.

Tilt Caster Tables: Used to tilt either single lites or I.G., Wakefield offers a variety of Tilt Caster Tables that can be used as stationary tables or mobile and can even swivel with added casters or rollers.

Tilt Work Tables: Used for positioning large windows, a Tilt Work Table is an invaluable tool.

Sunburst Table: The sunburst table features grid alignment marks in a sunburst pattern, allowing the creation of specific patterns to be cut into insulated glass, such as half rounds.

Laser-Etching Air Table: This table allows for identifying marks to be laser etched into glass, making it a great solution for branding glass products.

Butterfly Application Table: Considered the most important component of IG unit manufacturing, a butterfly table can help reduce waste and improve accuracy.

To find out more about the glass handling application tables and other glass handling products we offer to take your glass shop sales to the next level, contact us.

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