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Wakefield Equipment Co-Hosts Webinar with TigerStop: How to Simply & Quickly Automate Your Fenestration Business

Cleveland, OH. – June 26, 2020 – Wakefield Equipment and TigerStop announce they will co-host a webinar, How to Simply and Quickly Automate your Fenestration Business. TigerStop is the global leader in stop gauge and material positioning systems and software. Wakefield Equipment offers innovative, labor-saving solutions to the fenestration industry. The interactive webinar will feature live machinery and software demonstrations.

Topics to be covered include:
 How to reduce waste
 Adding automated equipment to streamline manufacturing facilities
 Improving your bottom line

“With the rapidly shifting economy and growing manufacturing safety concerns regarding COVID-19, it’s important to Wakefield that the fenestration, curtain wall and storefront manufacturing facilities know that we are here for them and aim to provide valuable resources and tools to help them operate their businesses efficiently in these challenging times,” said Owen Cleary, co-owner of Wakefield Equipment.

“We have partnered with TigerStop to bring this free webinar to our fenestration industry family because we have seen how automated tools have improved our customers’ businesses. We are committed to helping our industry evolve and thrive,” said Cleary.

“TigerStop’s mission is to empower local manufacturers to be globally competitive. Now more than ever than ever, manufacturers can reap the immediate benefits of implementing simple and affordable automation solutions into their operations. We want to help makers compete and support sustainable local communities,” said Rich Riotto, TigerStop Regional Sales Manager. By tackling the sources of non-value added activities in your operation, TigerStop and Wakefield will help you discover enormous sums of money that you’ve been throwing away this entire time.”

The webinar is available to everyone free of charge and will be held on July 16th, 2020 at 1:00 PM EST. Click here to register.

About Wakefield Equipment
Wakefield Equipment provides labor-saving equipment to the fenestration industry. Through partnerships with best-in-breed companies, Wakefield provides customers with the most cost-effective and innovative glass handling equipment available on the market. Wakefield’s experts are well versed in the unique challenges of the glass industry and work closely with customers to ensure that each product fits their business needs and provides a return on investment in terms of both productivity and profit.

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